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Rising Artists

“The World This Way” starts strong with the song “One Heartbeat.” Beginning with a hard-hitting instrumental consisting of low-toned guitars and deep piano keys, Brazell’s commanding vocals arrive, highlighting the high-powered energy that this EP will entail. The song starts its chorus with the lyrics, “Life is so much better when we sing together,” referring to the scientific phenomenon that when people sing together, their heartbeats sync briefly. The song has an ultra-compelling sound and lyrics, making the listener want to sing along."

Obscure Sound

"The title track closes the EP with satiating results. “The World This Way” plays with poignant thematic appeal within building guitar layers and gorgeously melodic vocals in the “where do we go from here?” chorus, with a power-pop soaring. Brazell describes the track as “from the point of view of young adults speaking to youth letting them know that there is still time to make the world a better place, and that they are sorry for the things they are seeing in the world today.” The EP is a thorough success across its three tracks."