Soundcore Space Q45 - Review

Hey folks!

Let’s be clear on one thing - I am not an influencer, nor do I intend on becoming one. HOWEVER, I have a really great product review for you.

Soundcore asked if I would review their Space Q45 wireless noise cancelling headphones, and I am now a huge fan. If you are an avid music listener and require excellent, balanced, sound, these did not disappoint.

They also were true to their name, noise cancelling! I didn’t feel like I was completely unaware of my surroundings, but I did not hear my husband calling my name who was sitting next to me on the couch.

I listened to a variety of music to test them out, but when I played “I Hear A Symphony” by Cody Fry, I was impressed with the overall balance in sound. The low end was present and not overwhelming, and while this is not descriptive of the sound, I felt that everything should sound as it should, if that makes sense.

They were also incredibly comfortable! Ear buds and I don’t get along well due to my small childlike ears, so these were a pleasant change from that. And my favorite feature, there is a giant R in the right ear piece and a giant L in the left one. Fool proof!

Here’s what is super cool. If you go to this link and put in code LindsayBrazell, you’ll get $20 off! If you’re looking for new bluetooth headphones and require excellent sound quality, I really think these are for you. I’ve enjoyed them so far!

For the full video review, watch it here or below!


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